The Cedar Valley Nature Trail

The 67 mile Cedar Valley Nature Trail connects Evansdale to Ely and runs through several small towns. The trail’s surface is asphalt from Evansdale to McFarlane Park, just 2½ south of La Porte City.  From the Park to Center Point, the trail’s surface is compacted limestone. The Cedar Valley Nature Trail runs through wetlands, forested land, and farmland. The Cedar Valley Nature Trail Connects the Linn County Metro area to Waterloo, IA.


There is a detour at this time.

The Wolf Creek Bridge in La Porte City is closed.  A detour has been marked outside of Gilbertville and La Porte City.



North to South Route Mileage Cumulative
Evansdale to Gilbertville 5 miles 5 miles
Gilbertville to La Porte City 8 miles 13 miles
La Porte City to Brandon 10 miles 23 miles
Brandon to Urbana 9 miles 32 miles
Urbana to Center Point 8 miles 40 miles
Center Point to Robins 11 miles 51 miles
Robins to Hiawatha 2 miles 53 miles
South to North Route
Hiawatha to Robins 2 miles 2 miles
Robins to Center Point 11 miles 13 miles
Center Point to Urbana 8 miles 21 miles
Urbana to Brandon 9 miles 30 miles
Brandon to La Porte City 10 miles 40 miles
La Porte City to Gilbertville 8 miles 48 miles
Gilbertville to Evansdale 5 miles 53 miles